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Our purpose, Our mission … Our Passion!

We are often asked what A.C.E.S. means, what it does and how do I get involved? All valid questions and hopefully I can answer some of them for you. Below you will see that we are a diverse group of Christians from various denominations who came together to co-sponsor a conference on "making a difference in your community". On our journey together our small group has come to experience the bond of love found in our shared belief in Jesus Christ, who unites us and compared to whom our theological differences fade.

Our mission is still unfolding, but we have discovered a core truth: It seems that there is great value in Christians talking over the issues of the day so we have decided to tell other Christians, and our community as a whole, what the Christian church is really doing in Sudbury, and encouraging them to talk with each other and get to know each other.
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Here is some general information about A.C.E.S.:

  • A.C.E.S. stands for Active Christians Engaging Society;
  • We publish this web site ( under the umbrella of A.C.E.S.;
  • We publish a current list of churches and contacts on this web site;
  • We publish and distribute an email journal named the Sudbury Christian Messenger, which is published bi-weekly and archived on this web site;
  • We maintain a Calendar of Christian Events
  • We are going to be organizing and sponsoring more conferences in the near future; and
Finally and most important of all, If you would like to be involved, and members of ALL Christian denominations and groups are welcome, drop us an email.

Sponsorship and Donations

A.C.E.S. expresses opinions on matters of politics, moraliy, and social justice. As such we do not seek tax exemptions or issue tax receipts. This way we are not constrained to voice our opinions, opposition or approval of any cause. We have been funded by donations from Churches, businesses and Individuals. All donations go directly to maintain the website, edit the Sudbury Christian Messenger and hold special events and conferences. We are a volunteer run organization and no one is paid … it is an act of love.

Conferences we have Sponsored

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Other Conferences & Campaigns we have Sponsored

A real way for every concerned Christian to speak truth, love, and action into the City of Greater Sudbury

What is it?
Take 5 for Sudbury is a program that involves individuals, churches, groups, and ultimately God. We agree to take 5 minutes to become informed about an issue of concern to the community, and covenant together to pray for that issue. We also agree to participate in raising the issue as the spirit of God acts in us according to our prayers. The actions are often small and simple, yet it is amazing what God can do when many work together in unity.

What Campaign?
A.C.E.S. identifies issues of concern to the community and culture and organizes a campaign of information, prayer and action. These campaigns can be limited or on-going depending on the need. This web page will be updated regularly to let you know what action is taking place within the campaign. Current campaigns include:
  • The Prayer Page
  • It's easy to participate:
  • Take 5 FOR FAITH: Spend 5 minutes a day to pray for the campaign at hand. Ask God if there is something He would have you fast during this special time and commit it to him (Coffee? TV? Chocolate?...)
  • Take 5 FOR ACTION: If the Holy Spirit of God calls you to action, follow the campaign guideline and contact us for more information and discussion.
Campaign ran for 3 years

A concert featuring 3 local choirs from churches across the City of Greater Sudbury
Held at Glad Tidings Church in 2014
The opening event that founded the A.C.E.S. organization.
Held at Grace Family Church in 2004
Here is a copy of the "Christian Citizens Guide", which is a primer on how Christians can use the political channels of the Country of Canada to express their views and participate in the political discourse of our country.
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