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Sudbury Christian Messenger December 1, 2016 Edition Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

“The world is perfect. It’s a mess. It has always been a mess.   We are not going to change it. Our job is to straighten out our own lives.”    Joseph Campbell

Ted Colleton 2016-2017 Scholarship to Write something REAL

Niagara Region Right to Life proudly sponsors this scholarship:

Open to senior highschool students (grades 11 & 12)

This scholarship involves writing an essay of 1500 words on the theme described below.

3 awards:  $1500        $800           $500

Essay Theme:  In 2017 Canada will celebrate the 150th Year of Confederation.   Since 1867 there has been great technological progress, accompanied by a steady expansion of freedom in certain areas of social and economic life.   Consider the contrasting views of the respective Prime Ministers of the day, Sir John A. Macdonald and Justin Trudeau on the issue of abortion:  Sir John A. Macdonald said that abortion “saps the very life blood of the nation” while Justin Trudeau considers it an inviolable human right.

With the above preamble in mind, compare Canada’s social policies at the time of Confederation with those of contemporary Canada with specific reference to the issue of abortion.   Explain the dramatic changes and offer your opinion as to whether these changes can be reversed, and if so, explain how.


Submit your completed application package by email to: or by regular mail, postmarked no later than December 1, 2016 to:
Father Ted Colleton Scholarship
104 Bond Street
Toronto, ON    
M5B 1X9

For further information you may contact Dan DiRocco, (416) 204-1687 or email or visit our website

1.     The Kettles are in the Stores  |November 30 – December 24  |Greater Sudbury
2.     Sudbury Street Poetry Project- Bring Poetry to the Streets|November-December  |Greater Sudbury
3.     Christ the King Prayer Group  |  December 1 and Thursdays  | Sudbury
4.     Thirsty Thursdays:  FGB Bible Study  |December 1 and Thursdays  |Sudbury
5.     Journey to Bethlehem  |December 2 & 3  |Mindemoya, ON, Manitoulin Island
6.     Advent Retreat at Villa Loyola  “A Stitch in Time”  |December 2, 3 and 4  |Sudbury Southend
7.     Silent Vigil for Peace  |December 2 and each Friday  |Sudbury
8.     Perogie and Cabbage Rolls Sale  |December 3 and every Saturday  |Sudbury
9.     Wanup Chapel Services and Bible Study  |December 4 and first Sunday of the month  |Wanup
10.  "Impact Live" Radio Program  |December 4 and Sundays  |Greater Sudbury
11.  Heart & Soul Singers 21stAnnual Christmas Concert  |December 4  |Sudbury
12.  500North Planning Team 4th Meeting |December 5 |Sudbury
13.  SUMMIT  |December 5 and Mondays  |Sudbury Southend
14.  Al-Anon Family Group Meetings  |December 5 and Mondays  |New Sudbury
15.  Adult Children of Alcoholics  |December 5 and every Monday  |Minnow Lake
16.  Ignatian Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life  |December 5 and every second Monday |Sudbury
17.  SLYNGSHOT:  An Interactive Church | December 6 and every Tuesday  |Sudbury
18.  Sing Christmas  |December 8-9  |Sudbury
19.  Holy Redeemer Church CHRISTMAS CONCERT  |December 9  |Minnow Lake
20.  Christmas Dinner  |December 10  |Sudbury
21.  “All is Calm, All is Bright”:  A Celebration of Advent and Christmas  |December 11  |Sudbury
22.  Sudbury Christian Businessmen's Luncheon  |December 14  |Sudbury
23.  "Light up the Spirit of Giving"   PLEASE HELP US FEED CHILDREN  |December 15  |Sudbury
24.  All Nations Church Annual Christmas Gala:  Concert & Reception  |December 18  |Sudbury
25.  The Living Nativity  |December 20-24  |Sudbury
26.  Christmas Eve Service @ St. Timothy's Lutheran  |December 24  |Copper Cliff
27.  Christmas Eve Service @ St. Matthews Lutheran  |December 24  |Sudbury
28.  Finnish Christmas Service  |December 25  |Sudbury
29.  Family Christmas Service  |December 25  |Sudbury
30.    Sudbury Central Southend Ministerial  |January   |Sudbury
31.  Manning Centre Conference  |February 23-25  |Ottawa
32.  SAVE THE DATES:  500North:  Commemoration of 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation  |September 21 and 22, 2017 |Sudbury
Praise Report re: Sudbury Right to Life New Office
Praise Report for viewing of “The Euthanasia Deception”

Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation
In the Supreme Court this Week
Action requests re: pornography
Petition for Religious Freedom for Christians in Canada
Petition for Vote on Democratic Reform
Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation
Israel’s Undeniable Jewish History Uncovered
LGBT rights vs. religious freedom: no middle ground?

Trinity Western Unity Religious Freedom upheld by BC Court of Appeal
The Frog that Wouldn’t Boil
P.E.A.C.E. – advocates for children in our schools
Call to protect conscience
Catholic resources re: ON Sex Ed Curriculum

C-14 is law.   What now?
Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Race Update

USA Election shows the commentariat doesn’t get the American people

Sudburian, John Lundrigan, Requests Help Through “Go Fund Me” – Update October 24th
Community Emergency Fund – Social Planning Council

First Baptist Church in Garson Seeking Pianist

Canada Revenue Agency Guidelines for Churches re: political activity
Compassionate Community Care
Answering the hard questions: Is assisted suicide justifiable for a suffering person?
Stories of Youth at your Church
The Interim – Canada’s Life and Family Newpaper – requests Letters
To defend life, start with this one truth
CampaignLifeTV has uploaded Sam Helps to Elect a Pro-Life Candidate 
12 Greater Sudbury Clergy Give the Most Important Message of Their Lives
Apostle Entertainment

Salvation Army – Kettles are in the Stores      
Sudbury Right to Life/Sudbury Pro-Life Seeking Board members

I was Home-schooled
Irish Humour

Bailey's Jesus!
God Exists

  Local  News & Events

1.     The Kettles are in the Stores  |November 30  |Greater Sudbury


There are over 3000 volunteer hours to be filled

With Christmas just around the corner, The Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle Campaign is up and running. Christmas Kettles have been placed in 7 stores across Greater Sudbury, and there will be 12 kettle locations in December.

Volunteers are needed to “ring the bells”. Interested members of the community can call Clarysha and Kim at 705-919-1375 or email

Christmas Kettles is the major fundraiser for The Salvation Army’s Community & Family Services, which runs a food bank, summer camp, Christmas hampers, as well as other programming.

Media enquiries can be directed to Caroline Lewis, Community Ministries Coordinator, at 705-920-8975.
- 30 -

About The Salvation Army:
The Salvation Army is an international Christian organization that began its work in Canada in 1882 and has grown to become the largest non-governmental direct provider of social services in the country. The Salvation Army gives hope and support to vulnerable people today and every day in 400 communities across Canada and more than 125 countries around the world. The Salvation Army offers practical assistance for children and families, often tending to the basic necessities of life, providing shelter for individuals who are homeless and rehabilitation for people who have lost control of their lives to an addiction.

When you give to The Salvation Army, you are investing in the future of marginalized and overlooked people in your community.
For further information:
Contact: Major Alan Hoeft, Area Commander
Office: 705-673-1175
Cell: 705-207-0486

Valerie McInall
Administrative Assistant
Ontario Great Lakes Division
The Salvation Army
Sudbury Corps

Phone:  705-673-5893 x200

Office, Thrift Store, Food Bank
634 Notre Dame Ave.
Sudbury, ON
P3C 5L2

Sudbury Community Church
107 Lorne Street
Sunday Service at 11am

2.     Sudbury Street Poetry Project  |November-December  |Greater Sudbury

The Greater Sudbury Public Library and Greater Sudbury Poet Laureate Kim Fahner invite writers and poets to submit poems as part of a new project to 'bring poetry to the streets'. Some of the submissions will be featured throughout Sudbury as part of the Sudbury Street Poetry Project.

Inspired by a Street Poetry Festival in Morpeth, England, this initiative will be a new way for residents to be exposed to and inspired by poetry in their everyday life. "We wanted to create opportunities for every day encounters with poetry," says Kim Fahner. "This project follows on the good work that former laureate Tom Leduc did in bringing poetry to the streets through the Moving with Poetry initiative on the city buses."

Up to three pieces of writing can be submitted for consideration.

Writers/poets are invited to visit and visit the Poet Laureate page to access an online form to submit their poetry.

Up to three pieces of writing can be submitted for consideration.

3.    Christ the King Prayer Group  |  December 1  and Thursdays  | Sudbury

If you feel down in your faith or in a depression or if you are suffering the winter blues come out Thursday nights at Our Lady of Hope Church and join the Christ the King Prayer Group. You will be uplifted and inspired during this holy and religious evening and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.

We started to attend a few months ago and by the end of the evening felt spiritually renewed.

Rosary and hymns between 7pm and 8pm. Mass starts at 8pm with as many as 3 Priests on the altar.

This group was started by Terry Shannon 25 years ago and still attracts a large following.

Check it out on Thursday nights.
Tony Sottile

4.    Thirsty Thursdays:  FGB Bible Study  |December 1   and Thursdays  |Sudbury

Jesus is our Living Water             John 7:37

Spirit-led fellowship, prayer, and interactive Bible study

Every Thursday evening from 6 to 9 at the Lexington Inn,  50 Brady St.,  Sudbury   (formerly known as the Howard Johnson)

Faith   Family    Freedom

Facebook:  page       where people can get connected and be informed and we also have a FGB group set up where we can all share together and encourage one another.

If anyone has any questions or feedback you can call Linda at the head office at 1-877-296-1715 or you can reach me directly at 705 822-8069  Sincerely Adrian Smith  (president of FGB Sudbury )  

5.    Journey to Bethlehem  |December 2 & 3  |Mindemoya, ON, Manitoulin Island

An outdoor presentation of the Christmas Story

December 2nd & 3rd from 6:00-8:00pm

Please follow parking directions downtown Mindemoya, ON   Manitoulin Island

 Dress Warmly
 Freewill offering
 Refreshments after the walk

Before the walk come to the Mindemoya United Church for a delicious
meal on Saturday, Dec. 3rd for Chicken Pie or Lasagna, Dinner roll,
Salad, Dessert, Tea or Coffee.
Cost: Adults$14/ Children 6-12 $7/ Under 6 FREE
Time: 4:00- 6:00pm

For more information call 705-348-0049 or 705-377-5283

6.    Advent Retreat at Villa Loyola  “A Stitch in Time”  |December 2, 3 and 4  |Sudbury Southend

A STITCH IN TIME – The fabrics that quilt your life

Friday December 2 (7 pm) to Sunday December 4 (1 pm), 2016

Director: Fr. Philip Chircop, S.J.

This retreat finds its inspiration in the human heart’s longing for belonging. We all yearn to belong and be “at home” in our own skin,
at home in the community, at home in the world and at home in the universe that hosts us.
Quite often, numbed by lack of presence, focus and attention, we live a deeply fragmented and dismembered life. This way of life divides
us within ourselves, thinking one thing, feeling another, and doing a third.

We will thus explore a few basic “stitches” that can sew our lives together again into one “seamless garment”.

Cost: $230.00, all inclusive
(a non-refundable $30 deposit is required with registration)
For more information and registration
705-522-3502 ext. 0 or

7.    Silent Vigil for Peace  |December 2 and each Friday  |Sudbury

Community members take part in a silent vigil for peace at Memorial Park in Sudbury behind St. Andrews on Fridays.

4-5 pm

There is reduced-rate parking for seniors beneath the YMCA building.     Sign your parking ticket.

Stand in peaceful protest against violence around the world.

They “call upon government and non-government agencies, corporations, groups, and individuals to do everything in their power to prevent and end violence around the globe.”

This non-sectarian group of concerned citizens includes people of diverse faiths and backgrounds,  from Waters Mennonite Church, Sudbury Interfaith Dialogue, the Muslim community, and Quaker Witness.      The Peace Vigil is modelled after what was done in Greater Sudbury in response to the Vale strikes and Vietnam War protests.

There will be opportunities for networking/socializing before and after the Silent Vigil for Peace.

For further information, please contact John Rutherford   705 522 8584  (home)/705 9190759 (mobile)   or Dave Nicol


We stand in peaceful protest of the spreading violence throughout the world, and call upon government and non-government agencies, corporations, groups, and individuals to do everything in their power to prevent and end violence around the globe
We are drawn from diverse faiths & backgrounds, religious and secular, to actively oppose all that leads to violence among people and nations and the bankruptcy of the human spirit it represents.
We stand in silent vigil united in resolve and purpose, to struggle against the use of violence as a means to settle disagreement and disputes at all levels. To do so we need to start with our own hearts and minds, joining with all persons clear in thought and mind and faith, inviting them to find common ground.
Please join with us as we stand here now and in coming weeks for one hour at the end of our working week, Fridays, 4 to 5 pm.

Waters Mennonite Church
Sudbury Interfaith Dialogue
Islamic Association of Sudbury
Quaker Witness

Dave Nicol

“Faith is about doing. You are how you act, not just how you believe.”
                                                                    ― Mitch Albom, Have a Little Faith: a True Story

8.    Santa Shuffle  |December 3 | New Sudbury

Event: Santa Shuffle
Date: Saturday December 3rd, 2016
Place: College Boreal
Time: Registration starts at 8:45am

The Santa Shuffle is a 1km/5km Fun Run, but it is Chip timed for accurate results.
This is a Fundraiser for The Salvation Army in Sudbury.

Churches can enter Teams for a special price. Participants, who raise over $50, will receive a Memorable Santa Shuffle Shirt.

All money raised stays in Sudbury.

This is also a great way to Volunteer.

For more information on how to Register, or Volunteer, please contact Race Director:

Loretta Maillet 
Office: 705-673-1175 ext. 226

9.    Perogie and Cabbage Rolls Sale  |December 3 and every Saturday  |Sudbury

Pyrohy/cabbage rolls for sale each Saturday 10:00am-1:00pm

40 Notre Dame

St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church, 40 Notre Dame Avenue, Corner of Notre Dame Ave. & Louis  St. 

St. Mary’s is very proud to have been awarded the very distinguished and rare, “Ontario Architecture Landmark Award,” in 2016.  Look for the five heavenly overhead domes!

Church Office 705-675-8244,   Kitchen 705-675-1581

10. Wanup Chapel Services and Bible Study  |December 4 and first Sunday of the month  |Wanup

Highway 537  (near Hwy 69 end)  l minute past Wanup Store on right hand side

                                  EVERYONE IS WELCOME         

On 1st Sunday of the month  at 2.30 pm
 (continuing from September to December)
Time may change in the summer months

Refreshments served after each  service and after Bible Study lunch provided


December 2016 –     no small groups this month
January 12.17           12 noon – Floyd Wilson leading
January 26/17           12 noon – Luc Boileau leading
February 9/17            12 noon – Mavis White
February 23/17          12 noon – Floyd Wilson leading
March 9/17                12 noon – Luc Boileau  leading
Mar 23/17                  12 noon – Mavis White  leading
Apr 6/17                     12 noon Floyd Wilson leading
Apr 20/17                   12 noon – Luc Boileau  leading

Further information – contact Mavis White  706-524-5820 or 

11. “Impact Live”   | December 4  and Sundays  |Greater Sudbury
You are invited to be part of live radio broadcast with Pastor Jeff Edwards

Our Impact Live Radio service at 6:30 pm will be held at the

1401 Paris Street
Sudbury On P3E3B6

Pastor Jeff Edwards

Presented by The Unchurch

12.Heart & Soul Singers 21st Annual Christmas Concert  |December 4  |Sudbury

With guest artist Iona Reed (piano), Jack Broumpton (percussion) and more

December 4    7:30 pm          at    All Nations Church, 414 St. Raphael Street

Tickets $15 at All Nations Church   705 673 6110     or     Gloria’s Restaurant, Regent Street

Heart & Soul has raised funds over the years to help a variety of outreach and non-profit organizations in this community and around the world.

13. 500North Planning Team for 500th Commemoration of the Reformation  |December 5  |Sudbury

To:  Greater Sudbury Christian Church Members

From:  Rev. Glenda Morrisette, Monsignor Jim Hutton, and Dr. Christopher Duncan-Hales

Re:  a message to Christian Churches about the 500th commemoration of the Reformation.

The third meeting for people who are interested in planning for the 500th commemoration of the Reformation is on December 5 at 9:30 a.m. at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church on Regent Street in Sudbury.  

We are holding a two-day symposium on Sep 21 & 22 of 2017 with three fantastic speakers. On the Thursday evening there will be a special ecumenical service with inspiring music. The Bishop from the Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada has already agreed to attend, along with two other Bishops.

We are looking for people who would like to help us organize this event.  We have small teams organized, and we would be happy to have more involved,  so that no one person has a lot to accomplish. 

We are excited about this upcoming event and we hope that many of you will come out to hear our plans, give us your input and help us organize a wonderful event for Northern Ontario.

Rev. Glenda Morrissette
Monsignor Jim Hutton

Rev. Glenda Morrissette
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
189 Regent St.  Sudbury, ON
Work  (705) 674-4834
Home (705) 621-2359
Dean of the Northern Area

14.  SUMMIT  |November 7   and Mondays  |Sudbury Southend     
Attended by university and college students, and young adults

Join us on Mondays  6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Dinner is on us!

Laurentian University School of Education

Room 210  -   2nd Floor   (this location to change Nov/Dec)

Experience:   Friendly Faces

Videos & Discussions about Faith

Projects that help others

SUMMIT (Find us on Facebook)........ Josh Sklar 705-919-4124

15. Al-Anon Family Group Meetings  |December 5 and Mondays  |New Sudbury

Every Monday at the Church of the Ascension, 1476 Sparks Street, New Sudbury

7;30-8:30 pm

For further information, please contact 705 674 6217

16.  Adult Children of Alcoholics  |December 5 and Mondays  |Minnow Lake

Every Monday, at Holy Redeemer Church, 1887 Bancroft Drive, in the basement

7:00 pm

For further information, please contact 705 929 1627

Thank you in advance for your time and for your consideration to helping our seniors.

17. Ignatian Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life  |  December 5 and every second Monday  |Sudbury

The Ignatian Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life are being offered in the Fall of 2016 at Villa Loyola starting at 6:30 pm.     They will consist of 30 weeks of prayer material with small group gatherings every second week during which you will learn strategies for discerning God’s will for you. Director of the Exercises is Fr. Ron Perron. If you are interested or are unfamiliar with them and want to learn more, please call 705 522 3502

18.  SLYNGSHOT Tuesdays:  An Interactive Church  |December 6 and Tuesdays  |Sudbury

An interactive Church
“Faithfully slaying life’s giants”
You are welcome to a new expression of worshipping Jesus

7:00 pm till approx 9:00 pm

Location:  @ 426 Burton Street,  until further notice.  Corner of Burton and Jean Street, Sudbury   (formerly Holy Trinity Church) …….two, brown,  double-doors along the side of the building.    Free parking on street.

For further information, please contact Pastor Josh Sklar          705 673 6110

Check out SLYNGSHOT on FB

SLYNGSHOT is a gathering of people who have Jesus as their higher power with the bible and Holy Spirit as their guide. This community is similar to a 12 step meeting without mistaking who you call your higher power. Often a testimony (speaker) or inspirational video as well as discussions are shared to identify how God is working in our lives and helping us to face giants like addiction, grief, and depression. FAITH in God is the key to slaying life's giants! SLYNGSHOT currently gathers in person at 426 Burton Street in Sudbury, ON, double doors in the basement from 7pm to 9pm on Tuesday evenings all year long. Come experience God's love through real life people just like you!

Videography about Slyngshot Church:

19.Sing Christmas  |December 8-9  |Sudbury

Bel Canto Presents:  Sing Christmas featuring music for choir and brass quintet

To be held at St. Andrew’s United Church, 111 Larch Street

Tickets are $15 and available at Jett Landry Music and Vrab's Independent Grocer.

7:30 pm

For more information call Pamela Teed: 705-566-8101 ex.7227 or Irene Nizzero: 705-507-2094

20. Holy Redeemer Church CHRISTMAS CONCERT  |December 9  |Minnow Lake

Friday, December 9th
Beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Church


Tickets: $5.00/adult & $2.00/child under 12yrs

 50/50 draw
 Door Prize
 Cupcakes and much more!
 Cupcakes and much, much more!
 Refreshments served at intermission

Tickets are available in the foyer, at weekend
Masses; and at the parish office.
21.  Christmas Dinner  |December 10  |Sudbury
Knights of Columbus
        Father Brian McKee Council 1387
           107th Annual Christmas Dinner

               Saturday December 10th
            St. Mary’s Ukrainian Church
                     Dinner at 6:30pm
       Chicken, Roast Beef, Cabbage Rolls,
        Potatoes and Pyrogies and Dessert
                     Stewart Doran
                   Ukrainian Dancers21. 
                Only $20.00 per person
   Call Dave-222-3474 or Tony 673-2854
    Come  and celebrate Christmas with us

22.  “All is Calm, All is Bright”:  A Celebration of Advent and Christmas  |December 11  |Sudbury

St Patrick's Church presents "All is Calm, All is Bright" a celebration of Advent and Christmas featuring carols and anthems of the season.

Joining us are Alexandra Lee, cello, Racheal Gibson, flute and Jessica Sigurdson, clarinet,   Music direction by Matthew Kallio with Deanne Wells Hunt, soprano soloist and the 25 voice seasonal choir.

Join us for a wonderful concert of music to ease you into the holidays.

Sunday December 11th at 7:00 pm           Doors open at 6:30 pm

St Patrick's Church, 39 Waldorf Rd

Admission: free will donation in support of the parish roof fund.

23. Sudbury Christian Businessmen's Lunch/Speaker Event  |December 14   |Sudbury

Sudbury Christian Business Men’s Luncheon

Wednesday, November 9th/ 2016 Agenda:
12:00- 12:03 - Opening Greeting & Grace
12:03- 12:35 - Eat
12:35- 12:55 - Guest Speaker ~ Rob Weatherby – Pastor Bethel Baptist Church
12:55- 1:00 – Curtis Belcher ~ Closing Remarks & Prayer.

Next Meeting ~ Wednesday, December 14th, 2016
Next Months Speaker ~ Mark Dennie

Our Luncheon Group exists to provide an opportunity for both business men and
professionals to get together once a month for a few simple reasons.
1. To provide an opportunity to get to know men of faith from across
our region and business community.
2. To foster an attitude of prayer & support for each other and our
3. To have guest speaker’s help us explore ways of living our faith in
the marketplace.
4. To assist with the special needs of individuals and charities from what the Lord
has blessed us with.
5. At the end of the day, we should walk away knowing a few more men of faith,
and learning about creative ways to live our faith in the marketplace.
~ Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the
Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his
understanding no one can fathom.
~He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.
~Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall;
~but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings
like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
Isaiah 40: 28-31

When: 2nd Wednesday of every month. 12 noon.

Where: Holiday Inn Sudbury, 1696 Regent Street.

Why: Our Luncheon Group exists to provide an opportunity for both business men and professionals to get together once a month.

Once again, our lunch will start at 12:00 noon sharp at the Holiday Inn on Regent Street on Wednesday the 13th. The cost of the lunch is $25 per person but all first timers eat for free, so bring a friend.
Wednesday, Agenda:
12:00- 12:03 - Opening Greeting & Grace
12:03- 12:35 - Eat
12:55- 1:00 - Closing Remarks & Prayer.
Please call Kfm Christian Radio (705) 674-2585 in advance to book your seats. See you there. 

24. “Light up the Spirit of Giving”   PLEASE HELP US FEED CHILDREN  |December 15  |Sudbury

On behalf of Curtis Belcher from KFM95.5, The Sudbury Foodbank Board and myself,  I invite you to help us feed lots of hungry children in Greater Sudbury this Christmas season.

Please be our guest on live radio, Thursday December 15 th,  anytime between 4-7 pm,  at the Geoffrey Lougheed Food Bank Warehouse, corner of Lorne and Webwood,  as we "Light Up The Spirit of Giving".

Our goal is to feed 10,000 children who access our Sudbury Food banks by encouraging people to purchase one or more of the 5500 light bulbs on the 40 ft Christmas tree outside the Warehouse.

Each bulb is only $5.00.

In addition, every purchase can be gifted in honour of or in memory of someone special and their name will be scrolled on the electronic sign facing Lorne Street, until Christmas.

Here is how you can help:
1. Encourage you faith community to tune into KFM95.5 on Thursday December 15 from 4-7 pm ( we are having a “live-by-request Carol sing”)
2. Encourage people to come and visit the Warehouse, see the facility,  and enjoy a free hotdog and home made popcorn
3. Please come yourself and say hi to our radio audience on air.

Just imagine what the faith community in Sudbury could do to alleviate hunger in 10,000 children who visit our Foodbanks if we all invested $5.00 in a light bulb!

Let's Light Up the Spirit if Giving as a community of faith this Christmas.

Why not make an announcement this weekend!

Please include this opportunity in your Church Bulletin, via email, your Facebook site, your Website

On behalf of KFM and the board of the Sudbury Food Bank
Thanks for filling a hungry belly!

Jeremy Mahood        705 673 6110  

25.  All Nations Church Annual Christmas Gala  |December 18  |Sudbury

A spectacular morning of Christmas music featuring the musicians and singers of All Nations Church. Join with us as we sing traditional and contemporary carols, a Communion service, with a reception to follow.

Sunday December 18th, 10 am at All Nations Church 414 St Raphael St.

Presented free of charge as a gift from the people of All Nations Church

26.  The Living Nativity  |December 20 – 24  |Sudbury
December 20-24
7:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Outside at Science North

Massive fireworks display Christmas Eve.

Free – a gift from the people of All Nations Church

Note:  The Festival of Lights will be on site to take a silver collection as you enter or depart

27.  Christmas Eve Service @ St. Timothy’s Lutheran  |December 24  |Copper Cliff

Dec 24 - St. Timothy's Lutheran 6:00 pm English Christmas Eve Service
  12 Collins Dr. Copper Cliff

28.  Christmas Eve Service @ St. Matthews Lutheran  |December 24  |Sudbury

Dec 24 - St Matthews Lutheran 8:00 pm English Christmas Eve Service
  264 MacKenzie St.

29.  Finnish Christmas Service  |December 25  |Sudbury

Dec 25 - St Matthews Lutheran Finnish Christmas Service 9:00 a.m.
  264 MacKenzie St

Thanks and blessings
Charles Nolting

30.  Family Christmas Service  |December 25  |Sudbury

The people of All Nations Church invite you to a casual Christmas Service to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

10:00 a.m.         All Nations Church          414 St. Raphael Street

A Christmas Offering will be taken towards a special project to help the homeless in the downtown core.   Four Churches are partnering with the Social Planning Council to help fund The NOAH Community Hub, a safe place for vulnerable people.    The Offering will also help with expenses for the Christmas Gala and The Living Nativity.

31. Sudbury Central Southend Ministerial  |January 24  |Sudbury

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend the Sudbury Southend Central Ministerial in November.

Also, there will not be a Sudbury Central Southend Ministerial in December. We will resume gathering on January 24, 2017.

Please mark your calendars: the next gathering will be January 24th, 2017.    We will send a RSVP request closer to the date.

@ 12 Noon

Meetings for 2017 will be at Glad Tidings

Bring your own lunch

At each gathering  one of the participants will agree the month before to Lead the Prayer Time and the Dialogue issue

Thank you,


Jessica Manuel
Business Administrator and Executive Assistant to Lead Pastor
Glad Tidings Church
1101 Regent St S
Sudbury, ON P3E 5P8

32. Manning Centre Conference  |February 23-25  |Ottawa

We wanted to take a moment to let you know some exciting details for the upcoming Manning Centre Conference (Feb. 23-25 in Ottawa).

1) Early Bird Registration – If you would like to register and take advantage of our early bird rate, you can now do so on our website (use “EARLYBIRD” discount code) – click here

2) Theme – This year’s conference theme will be “Take the Lead.” We’ll be discussing how our movement takes the lead in various policy, strategic and technological areas.

3) Topics – We’re still finalizing the conference schedule, but past attendees have voted and we’re pleased to approve the top picks:
•           Free speech under attack on university campuses – what needs to be done?
•           The rising anti-establishment sentiment in politics
•           Dealing with deficits – how can governments get out of deficit situations?
•           More to come!
4) Leadership Debate –Last but certainly not least, we’re pleased to announce we’ll be hosting a formal leadership debate at the conference - our movement will have an opportunity to ask federal Conservative Party leadership candidates questions about where they stand on the issues.

Again, our conference agenda is still being finalized, but it’s shaping up to once again be the event for conservatives to attend! Stay tuned for more updates!

To register – go here:


The Manning Centre team

PS – We would like to attract as many young people as possible again this year. Can you make a small donation to help reduce their entrance costs – go here:

33.  500North Commemoration of the 500thAnniversary of the Reformation  |September 21 and 22  |Sudbury

Would you please  Save the Dates of September 21 & 22, 2017  in your calendars for the Commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation

This event will be held in Sudbury at the Holiday Inn

500North is a symposium that commemorates the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. It is an opportunity to address a critical moment of our Christian history by moving beyond the controversies and disagreements that have often come between us and prevented us from working together.
Presentations by key note speakers, workshops, and discussions will describe where we as followers of Jesus have been, where we are today, and where we are going. There will also be a strand on how we can make right relations with Canada’s Indigenous people as part of ongoing reformation efforts.
We are branches of the same vine. In a world that needs the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, our hope and prayer is that this event will inspire participants to be bold, creative, and joyful in our commitment to love each other and serve the world.  

Check out details on our website             and Facebook        500North

Rev. Glenda Morrissette
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
189 Regent St.  Sudbury, ON
Work  (705) 674-4834
Home (705) 207-0027
Dean of the Northern Area

Prayer & Praise
Praise to God for Sudbury Right to Life’s New Office

Thanks, Lord God, for opening the doors to a new Office for Sudbury Right to Life.     This is an exciting time to re-open that educational service.    Praise and thanks to all the Sudbury Right to Life members who have dreamed and planned and raised funds.

Praise for the local viewing of “The Euthanasia Deception”

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition has released a DVD documentary entitled “The Euthanasia Deception”.    As stated in the DVD, based on experience in Belgium, “we are all vulnerable” and have lots to learn about end-of-life issues.    Praise God for the planners who arranged a viewing of it, and for the 47 people who attended.

Citizen Response

1.     Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation


This Thursday (Dec. 1) the EFC and the Christian Legal Fellowship will be in the Supreme Court as co-interveners in the Ktuxana case. This case raises important questions about how religious freedom protections in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is understood and respected by governments and the courts. As always, prayers are welcome. Here are five ways to learn more:
→ Blog introducing the Ktuxana case
→ Recent letter to supporters (PDF)
→ EFC-CLF legal arguments (PDF)
→ Legal details at the Supreme Court website
→ Webinar from Oct. 20 discussing the issues


A vote is expected in the next few weeks on whether to ask the parliamentary health committee to study the impact of easily accessible, violent and degrading sexual images online. Support is growing across party lines for MP Arnold Viersen’s motion M-47, and the motion has a chance of passing in the House of Commons. The EFC offers a sample letter you can use to ask your MP to support this motion. The EFC and Defend Dignity are hosting two special Parliament Hill presentations today for MPs about the public health impacts of pornography.
What’s the price of the widespread use of pornography to our society – especially on the developing brains of our young people? What can churches and parents do? Visit to watch last week’s practical presentation by Julia Beazley, the EFC’s director of public policy, and Glendyne Gerrard, director of Defend Dignity.

4.      Israel’s Undeniable Jewish History Uncovered
We usually use our talking point e-mails to make you aware of new threats and challenges facing Israel.  Today, we'd like to share with you some important but far more uplifting news.  Over the course of the summer there have been a series of fascinating archeological discoveries in Israel. These discoveries confirm the authenticity and accuracy of the Bible that we read.  And these discoveries demonstrate the Jewish people's ancient connection to the land of Israel. No one can say that the Jews have no claim on this land, because every time someone digs in Israel they find more evidence that Jews have lived there for thousands of years.

One of the most significant recent finds was the discovery of an extremely rare synagogue from the Second Temple Era in the foothills of the Galilee. Only eight such synagogues have been found, and this is the first one found in what would have been a rural village at the time. Archaeologists say this could have been one of the synagogues where Jesus taught (Matthew 4:23), and this important discovery confirms what the New Testament says about the area where he ministered in the Galilee. This first century synagogue was uncovered only a few weeks ago, and provides an exciting glimpse of Jewish community life in the Galilee before the Romans destroyed the Second Temple

In another part of the Galilee, at a different ancient Jewish synagogue, archaeologists uncovered part of a beautiful mosaic floor depicting scenes from the Bible. Several biblical scenes had already been found at this site, but the two scenes found this summer are very rare. One of them shows Pharaoh’s soldiers being swallowed by giant fish in the Red Sea, and the other shows the pairs of animals loaded onto Noah’s Ark.

In Jerusalem, excavations have revealed an ancient neighborhood that may have been where the temple priests lived. This neighborhood was certainly wealthy, and archaeologists have found several rare items in these ancient houses - including a bathtub that has only been found in three other places in Israel. The artifacts found here paint a fascinating picture of how Jerusalem's elite Jewish citizens lived thousands of years ago.

One of the most common arguments Israel’s detractors use against modern Israel is the claim that Jews are foreigners brought to Israel after the Holocaust. This is a false talking point used by Israel’s enemies, but archaeological evidence irrefutably demonstrates that Jews have lived continuously in Israel for over 3,500 years. This is their homeland, and the ground is filled with the proof.

For lots more information, check out:  Christians United for Israel   (CUFI)    

  1.   LGBT rights vs. religious freedom: no middle ground?

6.     Petition for Religious Freedom for Christians in Canada

  1. Petitions for Right to Vote on Democratic Reform

More actions for citizens regarding upcoming changes to the way we vote in Canada:

Provincial News
1.     Trinity Western University Law School Religious Rights Upheld by B.C. Court of Appeal
Trinity Western University Law School just won a major victory for religious liberty. Previously, the B.C. Law Society had denied the law school accreditation because of its community covenant, which requires students to refrain from sexual activity outside marriage between a man and a woman.
On Tuesday, the B.C. Court of Appeal ruled in favor of TWU Law School. The court said that denial of accreditation "denies these Evangelical Christians the ability to exercise fundamental religious and associative rights," which are protected under the Section 2 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
This ruling in British Columbia follows on the heels of another win for TWU in Nova Scotia back in July.
This is a great victory for religious freedom, thanks in part to your support for TWU! The CitizenGO petition supporting TWU Law School has surpassed 6,500 signatures and is still growing.
But the battle for freedom of conscience and academic freedom in Canada isn't over: TWU remains unrecognized in Nova Scotia and Ontario, after adverse rulings in those provinces. It is likely that the Supreme Court will eventually take up the question.
At other universities, professors like Dr. Jordan Peterson still face restrictions on their freedom of conscience. If you recall, Dr. Peterson is being threatened by the University of Toronto with disciplinary measures and potentially even jail time because of his refusal to use made-up "transgender pronouns" like ziehir, and em.
Over 10,000 people have signed the petition to support Dr. Peterson. It's imperative that we continue to support him, and to advance freedom of conscience in higher education. Please take a moment to read the forwarded email below, SIGN (if you haven't already), and SHARE the petition supporting Dr. Peterson!

2.     The Frog that Wouldn’t Boil

Jordan Peterson is a professor at the University of Toronto. He has an odd connection to frogs. He jokes that some have even said that he sounds a little like Kermit the Frog. He owns a frog mask carved in the west-coast First Nations’ style. Jordan notes that frogs are extremely sensitive to pollution in their environment and he sees a personal connection in that regard. His environment is the university and the pollution that he is sensitive to is political correctness that is endangering freedom of speech.

CHP Communique       Peter Vogel    Deputy Leader

3.     P.E.A.C.E. Ontario/Sudbury – advocates for our children in the education system

Vision  - That all children receive quality education in an environment which
               connects the learning in the classroom with the cultural and spiritual
               understandings of the child.

Communication - P.E.A.C.E. works to promote positive communication between
               parents and schools, government and the community at large.

Resources - P.E.A.C.E. has teaching resources to help teach human sexuality from a
               faith perspective.

Information - P.E.A.C.E. Ontario has research, reports and analysis available to
               help you understand the Ontario sex-ed situation.

P.E.A.C.E. is here to help and support you the parent/guardian, teachers and

Our children are depending on us!
Together, we will make a difference for our children!

From Myself, Nancy, Joanne and Jenny..........we wish you and your families a Very Merry Christmas
and a Very Blessed 2017! God Bless You!

Paula Purvis
Executvie Director
P.E.A.C.E. Ontario/Sudbury

Doctors in Ontario are required to provide a referral for assisted death, even if it goes against their deeply-held beliefs. Long-term care facilities and seniors’ residences may be required to allow euthanasia and assisted suicide on their premises. Ontario residents can contact their MPP and provincial Minister of Health to urge conscience protection. See the EFC’s sample letter for ideas on wording. (Evangelical Fellowship of Canada)

5.     Catholic Resources re: ON Sex Ed Curriculum

Resources of how the Catholic Church in Ontario is dealing with the Ministry of Education New Curriculum:

www.Institute for Catholic Education.( ICE)

: "The Human Person, Love and Sexuality" from:

It does not of course deal with what will be given in the Public system but it does affect how Catholic schools will deal with the controversy. Hope this helps.

National News


November 30, 2016

Christian Legal Fellowship and The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada intervene in support of religious freedom in Ktunaxa v. British Columbia.

OTTAWA – For the first time, the Supreme Court of Canada is set to determine the merits of an Indigenous religious freedom claim under the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.  This historic case raises serious concerns about third-party interests limiting and overriding religious freedom and the means by which religious communities can practise and manifest their faith.

The Christian Legal Fellowship (CLF) and The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) are joint intervenors in the case, which arises from the proposed development of a ski resort on land that is sacred to the Ktunaxa people. The Ktunaxa Nation opposes the construction of the ski resort on the basis that it would desecrate the sacred site and would interfere with a variety of their spiritual practices.

Ultimately, the B.C. Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources approved the development but the Minister did not specifically address how the decision would impact the Ktunaxa Nation's section 2(a) Charter right to freedom of religion.
The B.C. Supreme Court held that the substance of the religious freedom claim was addressed in the overall consultation process, even if not discretely analyzed in the Minister’s decision.

On appeal, the B.C. Court of Appeal held that even if the Minister had not considered the substance of the section 2(a) claim, it was insufficient to overturn the decision. The B.C. Court of Appeal also suggested that the Charter does not protect religious exercise to the extent that it requires others to “act or refrain from acting and behave in a manner consistent with a belief that they do not share.”

CLF and the EFC’s primary concern is the integrity of a robust analysis of religious freedom claims, whether they are grounded in Indigenous spiritual practices or traditional Western religions. EFC President Bruce Clemenger explains why the Ktunaxa case has the potential to impact all communities of faith:
“Any narrowing of the Court’s understanding of religious freedom for one group is of concern to all who profess and live according to religious beliefs. Concerns that one’s religious freedom might be impacted by a government decision maker’s action must be taken seriously by government bodies and the courts or the guarantee in the Charter becomes hollow.”

The joint CLF-EFC submission focuses on two main arguments. First, it emphasizes why freedom of religion must not be automatically overridden because it may impact third-party interests—especially when those interests are not themselves Charter rights. CLF Executive Director Derek Ross, who also serves as co-counsel in this intervention along with Albertos Polizogopoulos, explains:
“If religious freedom – or any Charter right, for that matter – exists only to the extent that it has no impact on others, the scope of the freedom is severely limited. After all, the existence of third-party interests is inherent in virtually all freedom of religion cases. While religious freedom is not absolute, and limits may be justified, those limitations must be proportionate and acceptable in the fact-specific context of each individual case. This is an important issue that the Supreme Court has been asked to consider in Ktunaxa, which is one of several reasons why this case has relevance for all Canadians of faith.”

Second, the joint CLF-EFC submission explains how state interference with the means, instruments or “vehicles” through which religious individuals or religious communities practise and manifest their faith can be equivalent to direct interference with religious practice itself. Co-counsel Albertos Polizogopoulos explains:
“In the same way that a place of worship is an integral part of religious practice and observance for some believers, different means or ‘vehicles’ may also be integral for others. In the Hutterian Brethren case, that vehicle was the commune on which all Hutterites lived and which could only continue to exist if some Hutterites possessed drivers’ licenses. Here, for the Ktunaxa Nation, that vehicle is the land in question as it is integral to their relationship with the Grizzly Bear Spirit.”

Whether the Minister’s decision ought to be set aside is not specifically discussed in the CLF-EFC submission, as it focuses on ensuring that the effect of land development on the Ktunaxa Nation’s section 2(a) Charter rights to religious freedom is directly, fully and properly considered.
The CLF-EFC factum is available here.

For additional information or an interview, please contact:
Anita Levesque, Media Relations
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
613-233-9868 x325
Ruth A.M. Ross, Special Advisor
Christian Legal Fellowship
Uniting Evangelicals to bless Canada in the name of Jesus
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is the national association of evangelical Christians, uniting Evangelicals to bless Canada in the name of Jesus. Since 1964 the EFC has provided a national forum for Canada's four million Evangelicals, fostered ministry partnerships, conducted research on religious and social trends and provided a constructive voice for biblical principles in life and society. In addition to 42 evangelical denominations, the EFC affiliates include 65 ministry organizations, 38 educational institutions and more than 700 individual congregations, who uphold a common statement of faith. The EFC is an active participant in the World Evangelical Alliance.
View our current initiatives and partnerships. The EFC also publishes Faith Today, Canada's Christian magazine, and a variety of other resources to connect, equip and inform evangelical Christians in Canada. Read our privacy policy. To add or remove an email address from this distribution list, please contact

2.     C-14 is law.   What now?

3.     Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Race Update

The 1st Debate held with the 12 contenders can be viewed here:

The 2nd Debate will be held on December 6, and will likely be viewable on CPAC Channel

Campaign Life Coalition is urging supporters to buy a $15 membership in order to support the pro-life candidates who are running to lead the Conservative Party. Gunnarson said the leadership race is “vitally important” because “with social conservatives being shut out of the NDP and Liberals, the Tories are the only mainstream party in which people who are pro-life and pro-family are tolerated, and they must become involved to ensure these issues do not disappear completely from the public square.”

Memberships can be purchased online at
Memberships must be purchased by March 28th in order to be able to vote for the next CPC leader on May 27th

International News

Donald Trump’s victory shows the Commentariat doesn’t get the American people

Financial Support Requests

  1. Sudburian, John Lundrigan, Requests Help Through “Go Fund Me” – Updated October 24th
It has been an emotional week for my family and I. I have been to Ottawa and successfully had my stem cells harvested and am now preparing for my Auto Stem cell transplant in November. I have learned the true meaning of philanthropy and seen amazing people at work and met many people who are willing to help when you need them the most. A gracious thank you all.
We are getting close to our goal, thanks for everything. Every donation and share helps!

  1. Community Emergency Fund

The Social Planning Council of Sudbury (SPC Sudbury) has launched a GoFundMe page with a goal of raising $10,000.00 for the Community Emergency Fund.  100% of funds collected go to the individuals and families in crisis!
This fund is a fund of last resort that helps support individuals and families over 20 years in urgent need with food, heat, hydro, rent, prescriptions, transportation, assistance with moving, dental work, storage fees and special request. When individuals in the community have nowhere else to turn, The Community Emergency Fund is there to help.  For example, the Community Emergency Fund is utilized in situations where the hydro is going to be turned off, a family with young children has exhausted their food bank allotment, or an eviction notice has been given.  In the past 10 years the Community Emergency Fund has disbursed over $100,000.00 to vulnerable individuals and families in crisis.

The fund is administered in kind through the SPCS and is funded through community donations.  

The Social Planning Council of Sudbury (SPC Sudbury) is launching a GoFundMe page with a goal of raising $10,000.00 for the Community Emergency Fund.  100% of funds collected go to the individuals and families in crisis!  This fund is a fund of last resort that helps support individuals and families in crisis

For further information, please contact:

Annette J. Reszczynski  H.B.A. M.A.
Senior Social Planner
Social Planning Council of Sudbury
30 Ste. Anne Road
Sudbury, ON. P3C 5E1
Tel. (705) 675-3894


  1. First Baptist Church in Garson Seeking Pianist

First Baptist Church in Garson is looking for a pianist for the Sunday Morning Services - 10:00 am.
The interested person could start as soon as available.  For more information please call the church office
@ 705-693-3278.  Our church address is:  2603 Falconbridge Hwy., Garson, ON  P3L 1K6.
The church website is:
Thank you for your interest.

Thank-you, Diane Ricketson

Media Marvels
  1. Canada Revenue Agency Guidelines for Churches re: political activities

For Your Information
  1. Cardus

Cardus (root: cardo) is a think tank dedicated to the renewal of North American social architecture. We conduct independent and original research,  produce several publications, and regularly stage events with Senior Fellows and interested constituents across Canada and the U.S.

  1. Compassionate Community Care

Advice, help and support regarding all end-of-life issues

Confidential and free:  1 855 675 8749

  1. Answering the hard questions: Is assisted suicide justifiable for a suffering person?

Another TV program that LifeSite editor-in-chief John-Henry Western recorded a couple years ago is now available on line. You must watch this episode on assisted suicide. I have never seen the issue explained so well. Also spread this everywhere. You WILL save lives!


Are youth or young adults in your church involved in mission trips, service projects or worship events this summer? The EFC youth magazine Love is Moving is looking to highlight more stories about youth putting God’s love into action. Share what your young leaders, teachers and artists are doing to help build God’s Kingdom at  

  1. The Interim – Canada’s Life and Family Newpaper – requests Letters

“Your views, ideas, and reactions are important to us and other readers.  We ask that letters be brief and to the point, have verifiable information and be civil.  The letters section provides an opportunity for readers’ voices to be heard.  We hope you will take advantage of it.     We prefer email  (, but typed or neatly hand-written letters are also accepted.

Editor-in-Chief:  Paul Tuns

  1. Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme
by  Paul McHugh

The Witherspoon Institute
Public Discourse
Ryan T. Anderson
Founder & Editor Serena Sigillito
Managing Editor


June 10th, 2015

The idea that one’s sex is a feeling, not a fact, has permeated our culture and is leaving casualties in its wake. Gender dysphoria should be treated with psychotherapy, not surgery.

  1. To convince a friend to defend life, begin with this one truth

  1.  CampaignLifeTV has uploaded Sam Helps to Elect a Pro-Life Candidate
Sam Helps to Elect a Pro-Life Candidate

Campaign Life Coalition is a national, pro-life organization working at all levels of government to secure full legal protection for all human beings from the time of conception (fertilization) to natural death. It is non-partisan and encourages voting based on principles, not party. For more information visit www.campaignlifecoal¬

Follow us on
Like us on¬n

  1. 12 Greater Sudbury Clergy Give the Most Important Message of Their Lives

As part of the Spring Sharathon, Kfm Christian Radio asked 12 local members of the Clergy to give the last message of their lives in 15 minutes.

To listen to what they said, go to, Final 15 on the right side of the home page, and click.

Many thanks to Dan Thomson of Image Video who vimeoed these messages.

  1. Apostle Entertainment

Apostle Entertainment is a full service production company located in Sudbury, servicing Northern Ontario.  With a large selection of professional audio visual equipment and effects, we specialize in customization.  From small private functions and corporate events to large scale productions and weddings we work closely with our clients to bring visions to life.  With several years in the industry, qualified staff and strategic partners work together to provide a one stop shop for all your event needs.

Call us today to inquire of one or more of the following services...   Event planning,  décor, disk jockey services,  photographer,  rentals,  officiant,  installations,  and more.

Adrian Smith operations manager (705) 822-8069  or toll free 1 (888) 477-5403

Check out our facebook page for media

 Volunteers Needed

1.     Salvation Army:  KETTLES ARE IN THE STORES!
There are over 3000 volunteer hours to be filled
With Christmas just around the corner, The Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle Campaign is up and running. Christmas Kettles have been placed in 7 stores across Greater Sudbury, and there will be 12 kettle locations in December.
Volunteers are needed to “ring the bells”. Interested members of the community can call Clarysha and Kim at 705-919-1375 or email
Christmas Kettles is the major fundraiser for The Salvation Army’s Community & Family Services, which runs a food bank, summer camp, Christmas hampers, as well as other programming.
About The Salvation Army:
The Salvation Army is an international Christian organization that began its work in Canada in 1882 and has grown to become the largest non-governmental direct provider of social services in the country. The Salvation Army gives hope and support to vulnerable people today and every day in 400 communities across Canada and more than 125 countries around the world. The Salvation Army offers practical assistance for children and families, often tending to the basic necessities of life, providing shelter for individuals who are homeless and rehabilitation for people who have lost control of their lives to an addiction.
When you give to The Salvation Army, you are investing in the future of marginalized and overlooked people in your community.
For further information:
Contact: Major Alan Hoeft, Area Commander    Office: 705-673-1175    Cell: 705-207-0486     Email:
Valerie McInall       Administrative Assistant           Ontario Great Lakes Division             The Salvation Army Sudbury Corps     Phone:  705-673-5893 x200

2.     Sudbury Right to Life/Sudbury Pro-Life Seeking Board members

We are looking for people to volunteer for the Sudbury Right to Life we need more people to join and they can call 705-524-6384.

This is  very important to get to know what  is  involved and what it is all about.  Our older members are getting older and they need a break so we need new people to motivate everyone.  We would like someone to work on the website, treasurer and many more.  If you want to join we have a meeting every Tuesday at the end of the month at 1:30 p.m.

Please call Marguerite Groulx to find out all about it:        705 524 6384

Daily Chuckle


      To those of us who have children in our lives, whether they are
  our own, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or students... here is
  something to make you chuckle.

      Whenever your children are out of control, you can take comfort
  from the thought that even God's omnipotence did not extend to
  His own children.

  After creating heaven and earth, God created Adam and Eve.

And the first thing he said was "DON'T!"

  "Don't what?" Adam replied. 

  "Don't eat the forbidden fruit." God said.

  "Forbidden fruit? We have forbidden fruit?
  Hey Eve. we have forbidden fruit!"

  "No Way!"

  "Yes way!"

  "Do NOT eat the fruit! " said God.


  "Because I am your Father and I said so! " God replied, wondering
  why He hadn't stopped creation after making the elephants.

  A few minutes later, God saw His children having an apple break
  and He was ticked!

  "Didn't I tell you not to eat the fruit? " God asked.

  "Uh huh," Adam replied.

  "Then why did you? " said the Father.

  "I don't know," said Eve. 

  "She started it! " Adam said.

  "Did not! " 

  "Did too! "

  "DID NOT! "

  Having had it with the two of them, God's punishment was that
  Adam and Eve should have children of their own. Thus the pattern
  was set and it has never changed. 


  If you have persistently and lovingly tried to give children wisdom
  and they haven't taken it, don't be hard on yourself.  After all,
  if God had trouble raising children, what makes you think it would
  be a piece of cake for you ?

  With My Love & Prayers,
      your servant Allen
  Apostle Paul Ministries, P O Box 55996, Hayward, CA 94545

2.      I Was Home-Schooled

*Most of our generation of 60+ years were HOME SCHOOLED in many ways----*

*My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL  DONE*.

"If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning."

*My mother taught me RELIGION*.

"You better pray that will come out of the carpet."

*My father taught me about TIME TRAVEL.*

"If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week!"

*My father taught me LOGIC*.

" Because I said so, that's why   ."

*My mother taught me MORE LOGIC*.

"If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you're not going to the store with me."

*My mother taught me FORESIGHT*.

"Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accident."

*My father taught me IRONY*.

"Keep crying, and I'll give you something to cry about."

*My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS*.

"Shut your mouth and eat your supper."

*My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM*.

"Just you look at that dirt on the back of your neck!"

*My mother taught me about STAMINA*.

"You'll sit there until all that spinach is gone."

*My mother taught me about WEATHER*.

"This room of yours looks as if a tornado went through it."

*My mother taught me about HYPOCRISY*.

"If I told you once, I've told you a million times, don't exaggerate!"

*My father taught me the CIRCLE OF LIFE*.

"I brought you into this world, and I can take you out..."

*My mother taught me about BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION*.

"Stop acting like your father!"

*My mother taught me about ENVY*.

"There are millions of less fortunate children in this world who don't have wonderful parents like you do."

*My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION*.

"Just wait until we get home."

*My mother taught me about RECEIVING*.

"You are going to get it from your father when you get home!"

18 .
*My mother taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE*.

"If you don't stop crossing your eyes, they are going to get stuck that way."

*My mother taught me ESP*.

"Put your sweater on; don't you think I know when you are cold?"

*My father taught me HUMOR.*

"When that lawn mower
cuts off your toes, don't come running to me."

*My mother taught me HOW TO BECOME AN ADULT*.

"If you don't eat your vegetables, you'll never grow up."

*My mother taught me GENETICS*.

"You're just like your father."

*My mother taught me about my ROOTS*.

"Shut that door behind you. Do you think you were born in a barn?"

*My mother taught me WISDOM*.

"When you get to be my age, you'll understand

*My father taught me about JUSTICE* .

"One day you'll have kids, and I hope they turn out just like you!"

*This should only be sent to the over 60 crowd because the younger ones would not believe we truly were told these "EXACT" words by our parents…;*

*Well, I thought I’d send it to some of you anyway. Ever heard of Ripley’s Believe it or Not?*

3.     Irish Humour

Sean is the vicar of a Protestant parish on the border of Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland, and Patrick is the priest at the Roman Catholic Church across the road.

One day they are seen together, erecting a sign which says,


As a car speeds past them, the driver leans out his window and yells "Leave people alone, you religious nutters. We don't need your lectures."
From around the next curve they hear screeching tyres and a big splash.

Shaking his head, Father Patrick says "Dat's da terd one dis mornin'."
"Yaa," Sean agrees, then adds, "Do ya tink maybe da sign should just say "BRIDGE CLOSED"?

Words of Wisdom

1.     Bailey's Jesus!

                            ( MATTHEW 18:3 *NIV )

    God recently allowed me to see Jesus through the eyes of
someone seeing Him for the first time.  Having the advantage of
knowing how the story ends, we can easily forget the cost of our
redemption and the love of our Savior.

    Every year we attend a local church pageant at Christmas time,
which tells the story of Jesus from His birth through His resurrection. 
 It is a spectacular event, with live animals and hundreds of cast
 members in realistic costumes.  The magi enter the huge auditorium
 on llamas from the rear, descending the steps in pomp and majesty. 
 Roman soldiers look huge and menacing in their costumes and

    Of all the years we have attended, one stands out indelibly in
my heart.  It was the year we took our then three-year-old
granddaughter, Bailey, who loves Jesus.  She was mesmerized
throughout the entire play, not just watching, but involved as if
she were a player.  She watches as Joseph and Mary travel to
the Inn and is thrilled when she sees the baby Jesus in His
mother's arms.

    Later when Jesus, on a young donkey, descends the steps
from the back of the auditorium, depicting His triumphal entry into
Jerusalem, Bailey was ecstatic.  As he neared our aisle, Bailey
began jumping up and down, screaming, "Jesus, Jesus!  There's
Jesus!"  Not just saying the words but exclaiming them with every
fiber of her being.  She alternated between screaming his name
 and hugging us.  "It's Jesus.  Look!"   I thought she might actually
pass out. 

    Tears filled my eyes as I looked at Jesus through the eyes of a
child in love with Him, seeing Him for the first time.  How like the
blind beggar screaming out in reckless abandon, "Jesus, Jesus!",
afraid he might miss Him, not caring what others thought.  This
was so much fun.

    Then came the arrest scene.  On stage, the soldiers shoved
and slapped Jesus as they moved Him from the Garden of
Gethsemane to Pilate.  Bailey responded as if she were in the
crowd of women, with terror and anger.  "Stop it!" she screamed.
 "Bad soldiers, stop it!"  As I watched her reaction, I wished we
had talked to her before the play.  "Bailey it's OK.  They are just
pretending," but she shouted  "They are hurting Jesus!  Stop it!"

    She stood in her seat reacting to each and every move.  People
around us at first smiled at her reaction, thinking "How cute!". 
 Then they quit smiling and began watching her watch Him.  In a
most powerful scene, the soldiers lead Jesus carrying the cross
down the steps of the auditorium from the back. They were
yelling, whipping, and cursing at Jesus, who was bloodied and
beaten.  Bailey was now hysterical.  "Stop it!  Soldiers! Stop it,"
 she screamed.  She must have been wondering why all these
people did nothing. She then began to cry instead of scream.
 "Jesus, Oh, Jesus!"  People all around us began to weep as we
all watch this devoted little disciple see her Jesus beaten and
killed as those first century disciples had.

    Now going back and forth between her mother's lap and mine
for comfort, she was distraught.  I kept saying, "Bailey, it's OK.  
 Jesus is going to be OK.  These are just people pretending to be
 soldiers.  She looked at me like I was crazy.  In my lap, we talked
 through the cross and burial.  "Watch, Bailey, watch for Jesus!"

    The tomb began to tremble and lightening flashed as the stone
rolled away.  A super bowl touchdown cheer couldn't come close
to matching this little one's reaction to the resurrection.  "Jesus! 
 He's OK.  Mommy, it's Jesus!"  " It's Jesus!"

    I prayed that she wasn't going to be traumatized by this event,
but that she would remember it.  I shall never forget it.  I shall
never forget seeing Jesus' suffering, crucifixion, and resurrection
through the eyes of an innocent child.

    Following the pageant the actors all assembled in the foyer to
be greeted by the audience.  As we passed by some of the soldiers
 Bailey screamed out, "Bad soldier, don't you hurt Jesus." The actor
 who portrayed Jesus was some distance away surrounded by well-
wishers and friends.  Bailey broke away from us and ran toward
 Him, wrapping herself around His legs, holding on for dear life. 
 He hugged her and said, "Jesus loves you." He patted her to go
 away.  She wouldn't let go.  She kept clinging to Him, laughing and
 calling His name.  She wasn't about to let go of her Jesus.

    I think God in heaven stopped what ever was going on that day
and made all the angels watch Bailey.  "Now, look there!  You
see what I meant when I said; "LET THE LITTLE CHILDREN COME
 ( MATTHEW 19:14 )     

2.     "God Exists!"

      A man went to a barber shop to have his hair and his beard cut
  as always. He began to have a good conversation with the barber
  who attended him. They talked about so many things and various

      Suddenly, they touched on the subject of God. The barber said:
  "Look man, I don't believe that God exists."

  "Why do you say that?" asked the customer.

  Well, it's so easy, you just have to go out in the street to realize
  that God does not exist. Oh, tell me, if God exists, would there
  be so many sick people? Would there be abandoned children?
  If God exists, there would be no suffering nor pain.  I can't think
  of loving a God who permits all of these things."

      The customer thought for a moment, but he didn't respond
  because he did not want to start an argument. The barber finished
  his job and the customer left the shop. Just after he left the barber
  shop, he saw a man in the street with long hair and a beard that
  was very long as well, one could tell that it had been a long time
  since he had his hair cut. He also looked dirty and unkempt.

      The customer entered the barber shop again and he said to the
  barber: "You know what?  Barbers do not exist."

  "How can you say they don't exist?" asked the surprised barber."
  I am here and I am a barber. Why I just worked on you!" 

  "No!" the customer exclaimed. "Barbers don't exist, because if
  they did there would be no people with long hair and beards like
  that man who is outside."

  "Ah, barbers do exist, what happens is that people sometimes do
  not come to them."

  "Exactly!"- affirmed the customer. "That's the point!  God does
  exist.  What happens is people don't go to Him and do not look
  for Him.  That's why there is so much suffering and hardship in
  this world today."

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