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ANGLICAN CHURCHES Diocese of Algoma                                                                         
All Saints Anglican Church Rev. Genny Rollins Also Chaplain of Sudbury Jail. Sunday Service: 10 am with Sunday School, Bible Study Wed. 7pm 44 Pine Street, Coniston, POM 1N0 694-4297, (F)694-1850
Christ Anglican Church Ven. Glen Miller (Archdeacon of Sudbury/Manitoulin Deanery) Sunday Service: 10:00am. Call for Mid Week Bible Study. 231 6th Ave. Lively P3Y 1M4 705-692-3344,,
Church of St. John the Divine Sunday Service: 10:00am Sunday School. P.O. Box 631,34 Godfrey St., Copper Cliff P0M 1N0 682-2623,,
Church of the Ascension Reverend Aidan Armstrong Sunday Services: 9:00am & 11:00am (10:00am in July & August) 1476 Sparks Street Sudbury, ON, P3A 2E1 705 566 2790,
Church of the Epiphany Bishop Tom Corston Eucharist Sun. 8:30am, Sun. 10:30am with Sunday School & Nursery, Wed. 10am (wheel chair accessable) 85 Larch St., Sudbury P3E 1B8 675-2279, (F)675-1866,,
St. Alban's Anglican Church Rev. Doug Prebble Sunday Eucharist Service 11:00 am 34 Dennie, Capreol, ON P0M 1H0 858-2550,,
St. Mark's Anglican Church closed closed closed closed
Larchwood Bible Chapel Hwy. 144, Dowling P0M 1R0 855-3571 Email:
Sudbury Bible Fellowship Meetings Sunday 11:15am 1661 Lansing Ave., Sudbury P3A 5M5 560-3889,,
All Nations Church Pastor Jeremy Mahood, Rev. Luc Boileau, Worship Pastor John Felsman, Small Groups and Youth Pastor Amanda Robichaud, Media Pastor Atheson Harper, Children's Specialist Katrina Kasunich Sunday Services: 10:00am 414 St Raphael St, Sudbury ON P3B 1M4 673-6110, email:,
Azilda Baptist Chapel Pastor Rene Pomerleau Sunday Service: 11am, Adult Sunday School 10am. 294 Notre Dame St. E., Azilda P0M 1B0 705-983-5271,,
Berean Baptist Church Pastor Brad Powers Family Sunday School 10am, Sunday Services: 11am& 6pm 231 Bloor St, P.O. Box 104, Stn. B, Sudbury P3C 4N3 705-674-4910, ,,
Bethel Baptist Church Leader: Everett Henderson Sunday Service: 10:30am C/O 46 Elden Ave., Whitefish, P0M 3E0 866-0847, (F)866-0847,,
First Baptist Church Pastor Druve Sookram Sunday Service: 11:00am P.O. Box 253, Bloor St., Capreol, P0M 1H0 705-858-3860,,
First Baptist Church Pastor Kevin Serviss Sunday Service with Sunday School 10am 2603 Falconbridge Rd., Garson, P3L 1K6 Contact Pastor leave message at 705-693-3278, (F)705-693-7330 website-
Lansing Avenue Baptist Chapel Pastor Jack Flietstra, Assoc. Pastor Mark Smith, Youth Pastor Ynze Flietstra Sundays: Worship Service 10:00am, Cafe Connection 11:15am, Christian Education 11:30am 1192 Lansing Ave., Sudbury P3A 4C3 705-566-8588, Email: , ,
Little Wanup Chapel (Affiliated with All Nations Church) ANC coordinator: Luc Boileau 705-207-0098 Worship, service, pastoral: Michael MacBurnie 705-682-3437 (home) First Sunday of each month - 2.30 pm- refreshments served after service Bible Study: Resuming in the Fall.  Bible Study at lunch 12 noon - twice monthly -lunch served 4273 HWY 537, Sudbury, Ontario, P3E 4N1 (Wanup) Luc Boileau 705-207-0098 or, Michael MacBurnie 705-682-3437 (
St. Mary's Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Church Rev. Peter Bodnar Saturday 4 p.m. English Sunday 9:00 a.m. Ukrainian; Sunday10:30 a.m. - English 40 Notre Dame Ave., P3C 5K2 Sudbury 675-8244 Enquires about the Byzantine Catholic Church: Lillian 523-2226
CATHOLIC Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie
Church of Christ the King Fr. Jim Ketzler and Deacon Roland Muzzatti Mass: Saturday 5:00pm, Sunday 10:15am Physical Address: 30 Beech St., Mailing Address: P.O. Box 787 Station B, Sudbury, ON. P3E 4S1 674-6447 (F)674-2921, Live Streaming:
Croatian Catholic Church 140 Alder St., Sudbury, ON 675-5758
Holy Redeemer Church Fr. Peter J. Moher Mass: Saturday 7pm, Sunday 9am, 11am & 7pm 1887 Bancroft Dr., Sudbury P3B 1S7 Tel: 705-566-8330 Fax: 705-566-7261 Email:
Notre Dame de la Riviere Wahnapitae Denise Duhaime Mass: Sunday 9:00 am Notre-Dame-de-la-Rivière, 60 Hill Street, PO Box 88 Wahnapitae, ON POM 3C0 694-5019, (F)694-1060,
Our Lady of Hope and St. Anthony's Worship Site Pastor: Fr. Larry Rymes For Our Lady of Hope Mass: Saturday 4:30pm, Sunday 9am 591 Brennan Rd., Sudbury, ON 673-1774, (F)673-4711, For St. Anthony's Worship Site Mass: Sunday 11am 19 Mary St., Sudbury, ON 673-1774, (F)673-4711, 591 Brennan Rd., Sudbury, ON For Our Lady of Hope: 673-1774, (F)673-4711, For St. Anthony's Worship Site: 673-1774, (F)673-4711,
Our Lady of Peace Fr. Michael Williams Mass: Sunday 11:30 am. 26 Dennie St., Capreol 969-3663, (F)969-3262, and the web:
Paroisse De L'Annonciation Mass: Saturday 4:30pm, Sunday 8:30am & 11am 1168 Northway Ave., Sudbury 524-3438, (F)524-9131,
Paroisse La Toussaint 1519 Bellevue Ave., Sudbury 524-3322, (F)524-3763,
Paroisse Notre-Dame De La Merci 42 Edward St., Coniston 694-4063, (F)694-1010,
Paroisse Notre Dame du Rosaire 2758 Main St., Blezzard Valley 897-4045, (F)897-4480,
Paroisse St. Augustin Father Albert Garson 566-1204, (F)693-7837,
Paroisse St. Dominique 1241 Diane St., Sudbury 566-1204, (F)566-7536,
Paroisse St. Etienne Martyr Dowling 966-3762, (F)966-0820,
Paroisse St. Jacques 46 Cote Blvd., Hanmer 969-2324, (F)969-4709,
Paroisse St. Jean de Brefeuf Jean-Paul É Jolicoeur Tue-Fri 9 am * Sat 4 pm * Sun 9 am, 11 am 26 Kathleen St., Sudbury 675-1343, (F)675-1348,
Paroisse St. Joseph 3594 Errington Ave., Chelmsford 855-4575, (F)855-8037,
Paroisse St. Marc Markstay 853-4553, (F)853-0464,
Paroisse St. Mathieu Father Andra Tremblay Mass: Saturday 7pm, Sunday 10am (French & English alternate every 4 months) 1608 Pioneer Rd., Sudbury 522-2238, (F)522-6169,
Paroisse Ste-Agnes Mass: Saturday 7pm, Sunday 10am (French) 15 Ste-Agnes St., Azilda 983-4392, (F)983-0310,
Paroisse Ste Anne Des Pins Gérald C. LaJeunesse, ptre Mass: Saturday 4pm, Sunday 9am & 11am 14, rue Beech C.P. 39, succ. B, Sudbury Ontario P3E 4N3 Phone number: 705-674-1947 Fax: 705-675-2005 Email:
Paroisse Ste Marguerite d'Youville 4290 Regional Road 80, Hanmer 969-9339, (F)969-0660,
Sveti Marko 675-5758, (F)675-6318,
St. Alexander Church Fr. Kenneth Gauthier. Saturday at 5:00 p.m. and Sunday at 10:00 a.m. 100 Gaudette St. Chelmsford, ON P0M 1L0 855-2525, (F)855-8706,
St. Andrew the Apostle Church Rev. Samuel L. D'Angelo, C.PP.S. Mass: Saturday - 4:30 pm Sunday 9am & 11am (July & August 10 am) 1250 Barrydowne Rd., Sudbury, 566-1876, (F)566-3852,
St. Anthony's Church Mass: Saturday 4:30pm, Sunday 11am 19 Mary St., Sudbury, ON 674-2259, (F)674-2260,
St. Bartholomew's Catholic Church Fr. Joseph Ogah Secretaries: Joanne Landry & Mireille St.Onge Mass: Saturday 7pm, Sunday 9:45am Catholic Parishes of Onaping Falls & Cartier 30 Church St. Box 650 Levack Ontario P0M 2C0. 966-3762, (F)966-0820,
St. Bernardine Fr. Jim Ketzler Mass: Sunday 9:00 a.m Skead Phone: 705-693-2032 Email:
St. Casimir Catholic Church Mass: Weekdays:9:00am (Polish), Sunday 9:30am (Polish), 12:15pm (English) 210 Paris St., Sudbury 674-9404, (F)674-3475,;
St. Christopher Catholic Church Patrick O'Kenyi Mass: Sunday 9:30am Whitefish 692-3138
St. Francis Xavier Fr. Joseph Ogah Secretaries: Joanne Landry & Mireille St.OngeSunday : 8:30 am Sunday : 8:30 am Catholic Parishes of Onaping Falls & Cartier 30 Church St. Box 650 Levack Ontario P0M 2C0. Phone: 705.966.3762
St. John the Evangelist Fr. Jim Ketzler Mass: Sat. 4:30pm, Sun. 10:30am 255 Church St., Garson P3L 1S5 Phone: 705-693-2032 Email:
ST-Ignatius Chapel, University of Sudbury; La Capelle Ignace de Loyola, Université de Sudbury Pastor Ronald Perron s.j. Pastor; David Shulist , s.j. Director of Spiritual Services Mass 11 :00 a.m. Sunday; Messe à 11h le dimanche 935 Ramsay Lake Road, Sudbury P3E 2C6 522-2854, (F)522-5402,
St. Kevin's Parish Fr. Michael Williams Mass: Saturday 5pm. Sunday 9:30 am. 4610 St. Therese Street, Val Therese P3P 1S5 Tel. 705-673-5661 ext.161.
St. Patrick's Catholic Church Pastor-Parish Priest - James Hutton Deacon- Denis O'Donnell Secretary/Office Manager - Michelle Bedard Director of Music - Brenda Cavallin Children Religious Education/ School Liason- Loretta Di Gioseffo Parish Nurse - Zenaida Odense Custodian - Dennis Ongaro Other Staff - see web site Sunday Service Times: Sat. 4:30 p.m. and Sun 10 a.m. 39 Walford Road, Sudbury P3E 2H2 705-522-3900 (Church Office), 705-522-9346 (Home of Pastor), Church e- mail:; Church web site:; Pastor's e mail:;
St. Paul the Apostle Parish Mass: Tuesday - Friday 9:30am, Saturday 4:30pm, Sunday 10am 38 Cedar St., Coniston P0M 1M0 694-5529, (F)694-0981,
St. Pius X Fr. Patrick Okenyi Mass: Sat. 4:30pm & Sun. 11am 45 A Street, Lively P0M 2E0 692-3138, (F)692-1268,
St. Stanislaus Catholic Church Fr. Patrick Okenyi Mass: 2nd Monday of month 7pm, tuesday - Friday 9am, Saturday 4:30pm, Sunday 10am 78 Balsam St., Copper Cliff P0M 1N0 682-4683, (F)682-2646, ,
St. Stephen the Martyr/St-Étienne Martyr Fr. Joseph Ogah Secretaries: Joanne Landry & Mireille St.Onge Sunday 11:00 am (Dowling) Catholic Parishes of Onaping Falls & Cartier 30 Church St. Box 650 Levack Ontario P0M 2C0.
Abundant Life Healing Centre Pastor Klaus Saari Services: Sunday 10am & 6pm, Wednesday 6:30pm P.O. Box 2632 St. A, 360 Perreault St., Sudbury P3B 2M7 671-9757 (F)675-2689 Klaus & Nicole Saari
Community Church of The Way Senior Pastor Gerry Morin, Associate Pastors are Jack Dominique and Denis O'Bonsawin Service time is10:30 a.m. and Prayer at 6:30 p.m. Bible study Wednesdays Communion Service + Fellowship Lunch is held on the first Sunday of every month 1325 Bellevue Avenue, Minnow Lake, Greater Sudbury Cliff Hodgson Cell:705 562 3698 Home:705 897 3698 Jack Dominique Cell:705 665 3481 Email: Gerry Morin Home:705 524 3579 Email:
Grace Family Church Pastor Bob Deppisch Sunday Services: 10am English 426 Burton Ave, Sudbury 673-1512, (F)673-2371,,
Elgin Street Mission Pastor/Director Rene Soulliere Sunday Church Service 3:00 - 4:30pm 344 Elgin Street, Sudbury P3E 3N9 673-2163, (F)673-0560,,
French Evangelical Church Pastor Georges Kpazaï Sunday Service 10:00 - 12:00 450 Morin in the building of "Better Begining" 705 586 2548 (Home); 705 675 1151, ext. 1075 (Work)
Restoration Church Pastor Jeff Edwards Sunday Services: 10am & 6:30pm; Prayer Tues. at 6:30 pm and Bible Study at 7:00 pm 1621 Valleyview Rd., Val Caron P3N 1K7 705-588-7600, ,
New Life Christian Centre Pastor Sue Craig Rev Bradley Hale Sunday Services; 10am 4032 Regional Rd. 35, Chelmsford P3C 3W2 Tel: 705-805-1277, (F)983-9296,, and
Redeemer Christian Fellowship Pastor Patricia Hughes P.O. Box 731, Stn. B, Sudbury P3C 4R6 855-0878,
Sudbury First Nations Church Pastor/Missionary Stuart Swartzentruber, Associate Pastor Mervin Cheechoo, and Kevin Moore 73 Third Avenue, Sudbury P3B 3P7 705-560-8086,,
Sudbury Victory Centre Pastors Denis & Sylvanne Boudreau Service Français: 10:30am, English Service 2pm, occassionally services are combined so call first or check the website English Lifegroup: (coffee style) 5:30-7pm Canadian Hearing Society building, 1233 Paris St. Sudbury, P3E 3B6 626-1324,,,,
The Lighthouse Elder Ruby Kurt Espanola, ON 855-5237, (F)855-1766,
Trinity Revival Centre Pastor Owen Peters 1778 Coldstream Place, Sudbury P3A 5S6 566-1219
Bancroft Drive Community Church Pastor Duncan MacRae Sunday Service 10:30am 1422 Bancroft Drive, Sudbury P3B 1R5 705-566-5599; website:; email:;
Church of Christ Pastor Sunday: Bible Study 10am, Worship Service 11am &6pm 2663 Bancroft Drive, Sudbury P3B 1T7 560-3964,
Open Doors Christian Church Pastor Ted Horsburgh Sunday Service 10am 10 Mary Ave., Naughton P0M 2M0 692-0513 email:
Sudbury Gospel Hall Responsible Elders Service Times: Sunday worship: 10:00 - 11:30 am ; 11:30 - 12:45 am Sunday School 6:30 - 7:30 pm Gospel Meeting Wednesday 7 - 8 pm Prayer and Bible Study 215 Alder St., Sudbury P3C 4J3 Tel 674-6083 Mobile : 705-698-4398
Saints Peter & Paul Serbian Orthodox Church Fr. Djuradj Kojic Sunday Service 10:00am Feast Days Service 10:00 a.m. 523 Antwerp Ave., Sudbury P3C 4M9 705 507 4802 email
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church 486 Ester St., Sudbury P3E 5C4 522-5181
St. Volododymyr's Ukranian Orthodox Church District Priest: Rev. Mikolaj Sidorski Monthly Services: Contact Teras Martyn for information at 688-0314 190 Baker St., Sudbury P3C 2G1 673-2403
Redeemer Lutheran Church Pastor David Smilek Sunday Service 11am Box 2188 Station A, 1199 Lansing Ave., Sudbury P3A 4C4 566-0853,
New Hope Lutheran Church (Formerly St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church) Pastor Charles Nolting, Pastor Mira Salmerainen Sunday Services: English: 9:00 am. Finnish: 11:15am 264 Mackenzie St., Sudbury P3C 4Y6 673-2933,
St. Timothy's Lutheran Church - New Name- New Hope Pastor Charles Nolting, Pastor Mira Salmerainen Sunday Service: English 10:00am 12 Collins Dr., Copper Cliff P0M 1N0 682-2511,
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Rev. Thomas Arth Sunday Service 10am with Sunday School 189 Regent St. South, Sudbury P3C 4C4 674-4834,,; Wife Kristine Sons Alexander & Andrew
Waters Mennonite Church Sunday School for all ages 9:45am, Sunday Service 10:45am 540 Regional Road 55, Lively P3Y 1C4 705-692-7655 on Facebook and at email:
Tree of Life/Arbre de Vie Mennonite Church Phil & Sharon Lichty Sunday Service 10am 6494 Hwy 64, Monetville P0M 2K0 898-1554,
Valleyview Community Church Pastor Jason Tripp Sunday Service 10:00am 2891 Martin Road, Blezard Valley, P0M 1E0 897-6200, (F)897-2757,,
Sudbury Chinese Missionary Church Pastor Steven Chen 2100 Regent St., Sudbury P3E 4S9 522-7694,
Chinese Evangelical Missionary Church 5 MacLachlan St., Sudbury P3C 3V5 705-918-1615
The Gospel LIghthouse Pastor Dave Brown Sunday Services 10am and 6 pm 2080 LaSalle Blvd., Sudbury P3A 5P5 674-0346 Alternate phone number: 705 822 4707 Website:
PENTECOSTAL - (PAOC) Western Ontario District of the PAOC 1101 Regent St. South, Sudbury P3E 5P8 522-0529
Cornerstone Community Church Rev.Kyle Donnelly Sunday Service 10am, Junior Youth Thursday 7pm, Senior Youth Friday 7pm 225 - 6th Ave., P.O. Box 521, Lively P3Y 1M5 705-692-1658, (F)705-692-1658,
Glad Tidings Church Pastor Todd Manuel- Lead Pastor Pastor Sherri Glass- Kids Ministry Pastor Scott Manuel- Worship, Media & Young Adults Pastor Derek Osborne - Youth/Life Groups Pastor Kevin Parks- Pastoral Care Sunday Services: 10am-11:15am, 6pm-7:15pm Christian Education: 11:30am-12:15pm Nursery & Kids Ministry: 10am-12:15pm Children are dismissed during service 1101 Regent St S, Sudbury, ON P3E 5P8 Tel: 705-522-4523 ; Email: All the staff use their first name for email
New Sudbury Pentecostal Lead Pastor: Bill Meade Associates: Jon Binder, Carlita Meade, Terri Granville Sunday Service 10:30am with Sunday School & Nursery 264 Levesque Street, P3B 3T4 Phone (705) 566-9447 Fax (705) 566-9458 Email: Website:
Finish Pentecostal Church Siion Pastor Veikko Aro-Panula Sunday Service 10am, Bible Study Thurs. 7pm, Radio Program Sat. 8:30am @ 95.5FM & Sun. 8:30am @ 98.9FM ALL IN FINNISH 1843 Paris St., Sudbury P3E 3C5 522-2164, (F)522-4879
Siion Church Pastor Markus Rukkila and Pastor Sam Tuokkola Sunday Service 12:00pm 1843 Paris Street, Sudbury, P3E 3C5 705-920-9819,
Valley Pentecostal Church Pastor Steve Gudrie, Youth Pastor Sunday Service 10am & 6pm 231 Martha St., Hanmer P3P 1G4 969-7940, (F)969-4221,,
Calvin Presbyterian Church Pastor Dan Reeves Sunday Service 10am 1114 Auger St., Sudbury, P3A 4B2 566-0652 email: and URL:
Knox Presbyterian Church 73 Larch St., Sudbury, P3E 1B8 675-8891, (F)675-7678
The Salvation Army Captains Jim and Deb Vandenhayden (Pastors of our church and oversee the Thrift Store and Family Services) Sunday Service 11am 107 Lorne St., Sudbury, P3C 4P3 P.O. Box 847, Stn B, Sudbury, Ontario P3E 4S1 W: 705 673 5893, Extension 161 Email:
Seventh-Day Adventist Church Pastor Jake Janovic 835 Churchill Ave., Sudbury, P3A 4A2
All People's United Church Jan Carrie Steven (Lay Leader) Sunday Service 10am with Nursery/Sunday School at 10:30am 400 Antwerp Ave., Sudbury, P3C 4M7 692-0513 email:;
Copper Cliff United Church Reverend James Clark Sunday Service 10:30am 26 Park St., Copper Cliff, P0M 1N0 682-1127
Larchwood Memorial United Church Reverend Cathy Taylor Sunday Service 9:30am with Sunday School 15 Douglas Cr., Dowling, P0M 1R0 855-3937
St. Andrew's United Church Reverend Catherine Somerville, Reverend Dr. Bill Steadman Sunday Service 10am with Nursery & Children's Program at 10:30 & Children and Youth Programs at 10:40am 111 Larch St., Sudbury, P3E 4T5 674-0721, (F)222-5303
St. James In The Valley United Church Rev John L. Fraser Sunday Service 10:30am 4510 Tate Blvd., Val Therese P3P 1S8 phone - 705 969 5315 (recorded message only) my contact phone number 705 688 6553
St. John's United Church Reverend Cathy Taylor Sunday Service 11am with Sunday School Third St. North, Levack, P0M 2C0 966-3823
St. Luke's United Church Reverend Erin Todd Sunday Service 11:15am 1520 Bancroft Dr., Sudbury, P3B 1R5 566-8836,
St. Mark's United Church Sunday Service 10:30am with Sunday School 45 Walford Rd., Sudbury, P3E 2H2 522-3454, (F)522-6729
St. Peter's United Church Reverend Dawn Vaneyk Sunday Service 10:30am, Nursery & Sunday School 203 York St., Sudbury, P3E 2A2 675-2171, (F)675-7906,,
St. Stephens On The Hill United Church Rev. Stewart Walker Sunday Service 10:45 a.m 1248 Lauzon Ave., Sudbury P3A 3E1 566-2933, (F)566-9352,; and our e-mail address to
St. Stephens United Church 136 Charlotte Ave., Chelmsford, P0M 1L0 855-5225
Trinity United Church Reverend Dave LeGrand Sunday Service 10:30am with Sunday School 72 Young St., Capreol, P0H 1H0 858-2591,, Food Bank: Charlotte Cameron
Trinity United Church Reverend Erin Todd Sunday Service 9:30am with Sunday School 174 Church St., Garson P3L 1V7 566-8836,
Trintiy United Church Rev. Kathy Dahmer Sunday Service 10:30am with Sunday School Sixth Ave., Lively, P3Y 1M3 692-4683, (F)692-4683
Church of the Way Pastor Jack Dominique
Sudbury Community Church Pastor Gerry Morin