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This website is purposed to help Christians connect with each other.  We believe that bonds of trust are forged as we work together to serve our Community and celebrate the Lordship of Jesus Christ. To this end the site is a gathering spot for Church Listings, Special Events of Interest to Christians and a Blog edition of the Sudbury Christian Messenger Email Digest. Look through the site and get involved by submitting/updating your church listing and submitting Special Events.

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  1. National March for Life  |May 9  |Greater Sudbury to Ottawa


Sudbury Right to Life will have buses to take people from Greater Sudbury to Ottawa to participate in the National March for Life


Leaving Sudbury at 6:00 a.m. and returning at 10:00 pm at night on May 9th


Cost:  $20.00 per person               Students can be subsidized


For further information, please contact Therese St. Denis              705 566 0707

  1. Faith & Politics Tour” with MP Brad Trost  |  May 10, 11 |Greater Sudbury & Mid-North Ontario


MP Brad Trost will be presenting his non-partisan “Faith & Politics Tour” at various gatherings in Greater Sudbury May 10, 11.


Over the past 15 years as a Member of Parliament in Ottawa, representing his Saskatoon Electoral District, MP Brad Trost has observed three different ways that Canadians approach politics ………


  1. Ignore politics
  2. Use politics for self-interest
  3. Get involved in politics and use politics to contribute


A.C.E.S. Leadership Team is excited to host MP Brad Trost, an intelligent, articulate, passionate man of faith,  with a good, non-partisan message we need to hear.


Further details will be provided in the May Edition of the Sudbury Christian Messenger.


Plan ahead to attend one of the gatherings.    You WILL be blessed.



Friday, May 10     9-11:00 a.m.     MP Brad Trost Meets the Clergy   @ KFM Christian Radio

Friday, May 10     6:30 – 9:00 p.m.   College & Careers Gathering

Saturday, May 11     1:30 – 3:30 p.m.   M.P. Brad Trost Meets the Public


Further details will be provided regarding Rsvp in the May Edition of the Sudbury Christian Messenger, and online at


 2.     Faith & Politics Tour:  MP Brad Trost Meets the Clergy  |May 10  |New Sudbury

Friday, May 10     9-11:00 a.m.     MP Brad Trost Meets the Clergy   @ KFM Christian Radio


Sponsored by A.C.E.S. and KFM Christian Radio


Free Admission/Freewill Donation to A.C.E.S.     


 3.     Faith & Politics Tour  |College & Careers Gathering with MP Brad Trost  |May 10  |Sudbury-South End 

6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Place:  Canisius Hall, University of Sudbury, Laurentian University

Free Parking in UofS Parking Lot

6:30 - BBQ     7:00 - Presentation, followed by Q&A and informal conversation

Free Admission/Freewill Donation to A.C.E.S.     

Sponsored by A.C.E.S. (Active Christians Engaging Society) and University of Sudbury Spiritual Services


 4.    Faith & Politics Tour:  MP Brad Trost Meets the Public  |May 11  |Sudbury – Downtown 

A.C.E.S. (Active Christians Engaging Society) welcomes all to meet MP Brad Trost and engage with him about his Faith & Politics message.


1:30 – 2:15 – Presentation by MP Brad Trost


Followed by Q&A, and general discussion as we socialize


Free Admission/Freewill Offering to A.C.E.S.



Rsvp information will be provided in the May Edition of the Sudbury Christian Messenger, and online at


Sponsored by A.C.E.S.


Current Headlines from The Sudbury Christian Messenger


  1. Messy Church  |April 3  |New Sudbury
  2. Stations of the Cross  |April 3  |New Sudbury
  3. Theology on Tap  |April 5  |Sudbury – SouthEnd
  4.  Stations of the Cross and Compline (Night Prayer)  |April 5  |Sudbury – Central
  5. Lenten Quiet Day  |April 6  |Sudbury – SouthEnd
  6. Spaghetti Dinner  |April 6  |Sudbury – Minnow Lake
  7. St. Casimir’s Spring Tea  |April 7  |Sudbury – WestEnd
  8. Stations of the Cross  |April 10  |New Sudbury
  9. Mass of Chrism  |April 11  |Sudbury – Downtown
  10. Bridges out of Poverty  |April 12  |Sudbury – Downtown
  11. Vespers (Evening Prayer)  |April 12  |Sudbury - Central
  12. Holy Week Services  |April 14 – 21  |Sudbury – Downtown
  13. Holy Week Services  |April 14 – 21  |New Sudbury
  14.  ood Friday Service  |April 19  |Lively
  15. Way of the Cross:  Share the Journey  |April 19  |Sudbury – Downtown
  16.  Good Friday Service  |April 19  |Sudbury – Central
  17. All Nations Church  |April 21  |  Sudbury – Downtown
  18. Easter Service  |April 21  |Lively
  19. Easter Service  |April 21  |Copper Cliff
  20. Kfm Christian Radio Sharathon  |April 25 |Greater Sudbury & Mid-Northern Ontario
  21. Trevor Dick at All Nations Church  |April 28  |Sudbury – Downtown
  22. Spaghetti Dinner & Bake Sale Fundraiser  |April 28  |Sudbury – South End
  23. New Evangelization Summit  |May 4  |Greater Sudbury
  24. National March for Life  |May 9  |mid-northern Ontario to Ottawa
  25. "Faith & Politics Tour" with MP Brad Trost  |  May 10, 11  ||Greater Sudbury & Mid-North Ontario
  26. Faith & Politics Tour: MP Brad Trost Meets the Clergy  |May 10  |New Sudbury
  27. Faith & Politics Tour:  College & Careers Gathering with MP Brad Trost  |May 10  |Sudbury – South End
  28. Faith & Politics Tour:  MP Brad Trost Meets the Public  |  May 11 |Sudbury - Downtown
  29. Bridges out of Poverty  |May 13  |Sudbury – Downtown
  30. Sudbury Central South End Ministerial  |  May 15 |Sudbury – Central
  31. Annual Church of Epiphany Rummage Sale  |May 24 and 25  |Sudbury – Downtown
  32.  Solidarity Walk for the Rohingyas  |May 25  |Sudbury – Central
  33. Tending the Flame  |Date to be announced  |  Sudbury – Central
  34. Holy Land Pilgrimage  |October 2-14, 2019



1.  Perogie and Cabbage Rolls Sale  | Saturdays  |Sudbury

2.  Youth Group for Ages 11-15  |Sundays  |New Sudbury

3.  Wanup Chapel Service  |First Sunday of the Month |Wanup

4.  Al-Anon Family Group Meetings  | Mondays  |New Sudbury

5.  Adult Children of Alcoholics  |September 3  and every Monday  |Minnow Lake

6.  Al-Anon Family Group Meetings  |Tuesdays  |Sudbury –         Donovan

7.  Overeaters Anonymous  |Tuesdays  |Sudbury-West End

8.  Bingo  |Tuesdays  |Chelmsford

9.  Co-Dependents Anonymous  |Wednesdays  |Minnow Lake

10.New Beginnings Support Group  |Wednesdays  |New Sudbury

11.Gamblers Anonymous  |Wednesdays  |

12. BASIC – Be a Soldier in Christ -  Recovery Group  |Wednesdays  |Sudbury - Donovan

13. Overeaters Anonymous  |Thursdays  |Sudbury – Downtown

14. Communion in the Thorneloe Chapel  |Thursdays |Sudbury-South End

15. How to become Catholic



Praise for Out of the Cold Dinners from Christ the King Parish

Prayer for MP Brad Trost’s “Faith & Politics Tour” gatherings in Greater Sudbury

Call to Prayer by Ears2Hear




Dedication Stones at Sudbury’s Holy Mountain – The Grotto



Ontario Education Review Announcement – March 15, 2019

PEACE Response – Phil Lees

PAFE Response – Tanya Granic Allen



Transgender teen can proceed with hormone treatment despite father's objections, B.C. court rules



11 Christians Die Per Day Around the World

Trump Administration cuts aid to international backdoor funding schemes for abortion

Former Trans Teens raise awareness of dangers of gender ideology                            

Poland’s Prime Minister speaks of Christianity and capitalism



What should “identity” mean for a Christian?



Social Planning Council of  Sudbury Go Fund Me Fundraiser



St. Joseph Health Center



Understanding God’s Plan for the End of Life – Joni Eareckson Tada

Movie – Because of Gracia

“Fatal Flaws” film

At the parliamentary forum on religious freedom

Love Unleashes Life:  Abortion & the Art of Communicating Truth



Lost Cell Phone Blues- Genevieve and the Wild Sundays [OFFICIAL VIDEO]



Alex Trebek:  Is he facing Final Jeopardy?   By  Pastor Rob Weatherby

5 Reasons Christians are Silent While the Innocent Suffer

Millennials, Evangelism and the importance of defining terms

“Legal doesn’t mean right” by Andrew Lawton


The Sudbury Christian Messenger is sponsored by A.C.E.S. Leadership Team:  Dan Thomson, Diane Ikonen, Sue Thomson, Pam Banks